El Kabong Live 3D Visuals
at Shift Magazine "State of the Net" Party

3000 people attended the Shift 99 Party in Toronto on October 1, 199 celebrating the expansion of Shift Magazine into the US via New York.

El Kabong dished out its kick-ass tag-team-style live 3D visuals with some funky DJs including Toronto/UK's Peace Harvest plus Another Astronaut and Denise Benson.

The Kabongists for the Shift party were Peter Wyngaard, Leo Chan (aka Chinese Guy), Kim Plate, Michelle Kasperzak, Bruce Becker, Derek Marshall (aka Agent Drek), Annabelle the Bomb and Sir Twiddle de Knob.

Thanks to Barnaby and Carmen and all of Shift, plus Jason of Better Days and Themmy of AVEX..

Pictures scanned off Hi-8 from Shift 99 party