Connecting Re-Body - artist Atsuhito Sekiguchi at Canon ARTLAB

English overview of Connecting Re-Body and other projects at Canon ARTLAB.

The 9th ARTLAB Exhibition "Connecting Re-Body" is a collaboration headed by artist Atsuhito Sekiguchi, taking place from Oct 6 to 17. Under the Side Effects Software HARP (Houdini Artists' Program), this interactive artwork was made possible.

The image (topi02-10.jpg) over the last one shows that the participants get on the rotating plate, which affects the images on the wall. This uses Houdini's Serial CHOP to attach custom devices to Houdini.

The image (topi02-9.jpg) over the above shows the picture on the wall. Upper pictures (shows environment like a mountain) are done by Houdini, affected by the rotating plate.

Lower one is Sekiguchi-san/Cannon's original viewer, containing the metaball-like human model created by the original 'touch sensor modeller' (shown in topi02-8.jpg, topi02-6.jpg).

Sekiguchi-san appears in the last image(topi02-11.jpg). He is professor at the Japanese art school, IAMAS