Stomp the Pads to Shake Blubber Mouth

There are two mouths that are connected to two sets of 5 stomp pads. Each mouth gets a choice of 5 different expressions at a time.

The mouths were modelled in Houdini's NURBS modeler. Its points are blended in the blend1 SOP of the Surface Operation Editor.

Above, 6 models are sent to the blend1 SOP. To the right, the 6 blend factors are being controlled from CHOPs.

As in Trick 2, Houdini remembers which stomp pad the player last hit. When a new pad is it, the transition to the new shape is lagged and overshot, as in the graph, to make it wobble like rubber.

The mouth always return to its initial pose after about 2 seconds because the trigger1 CHOP has an attack, decay, sustain and release phase that blends out the last stomp.

The 5 channels that result are fed to the blending channels of the blend1 SOP.

But before that happens, there is an extra bit of wobble to the beat that is added using the technique of Trick 4, so if the player does nothing, the mouth is still bobbing a bit.