Stomp the Floor to Alter Zoop's Mood

Five foot pads at IDC were used to switch between facial expressions of Zoop. They come in through MIDI and are fetched in fetchb1to5. logic1 treats the 5 pads as a radio button, where all channels are zero excep the last channel that went on, which remains at value 1. The 5 channels are used to blend 5 facial poses, represented at a set of about 20 animation channels.

Lag1 causes the 5 blending channels to not switch immediately, but to gradually go from one pose to another (with a bit of overshoot). SHAKE_wave is a Fetch CHOP that gets a repeating up-and-down bobbing motion. The 5 blending channel are the CHOP called EXPORT, which is actually a Blend CHOP.

Each of the facial poses is stored in the fetch4 CHOP. An animator pre-keyframed the poses in the channel editor, pulled them together in the fetch4 CHOP. The trim1 and shift CHOPs output the channels at one pose. The EXPORT CHOP, a Blend CHOP blends these poses based on the 5 blending channels coming from math1. The EXPORT CHOP sends the resulting channels to different objects and SOPs. The results of the blend are seen in the partial graph below