Activate Different Objects in each Section of Music

In video games, the environments are switched based on which stage of the game you are in. Objects are turned on and off accordingly to save on compute time.

Each section of an IDC music piece can have a different set of objects being controlled and displayed. The sections were chosen by the "EJ" during the performance. The section was sent to Houdini as a "scene" number event, that translated into a scene channel in Houdini.

The CHOPs called disp_minimal, disp_drums, disp_verse, etc. tag the objects that are turned on for each scene, 0 is OFF, 1 is ON. The switch CHOP uses its first input from lookup to select which of its incoming CHOPs it will ues for a scene. The result is connected or "exported" to the on/off display flag of the objects. Objects that are not exported to are kept off in this animation.

The lookup CHOP receives the scene number and uses the graph in the pulse CHOP (to the right) to set which disp_ CHOP to use. So if the scene is 5, the lookup gives 2, and we display the objects in disp_chorus.

This technique provides an easy way to control what gets displayed when.