Stomp on a Pad to Blow Fire from the Volcano

In this technique, you hit a button to cause a flame appear above a volcano. Similarly, in the IDC, you were stepping on a floor tile to trigger this. The flame is a 80-frame image sequence mapped onto one rectangle. The movie sequence is started every time the button is hit.

keyboardV is a CHOP containing one channel that polls the V key. Down is 1, up is 0. record1 is a time history of the keyboard state (graphed blow).

We use the count CHOP again, but here we use it to count the time since the last key press. We set it to count the number of frames since the key press, and let it keep on counting until the next key press so that the image sequence plays to completion.

The Limit CHOP makes the counting stop at 81, the last frame of the flame image sequence, which is black, like the first frame of the sequence.

Then we again name the channel and connect it to a texture map index of a material, as we did in the prior example on sequencing images when you hit a drum pad.

Actually, we could have named the channel right in the keyboardV CHOP, eliminated the record CHOP, and limited the counting in the count CHOP, reducing the CHOPs to two.