Bobbing Head Blends 6 Pre-Keyframed Moves

This is a "CHOP network" that was used in the Interactive Dance Club in the bobbing head animation called Weird Guy. It blends several pre-recorded moves.

fetch0, fetch1, etc. at the bottom are getting 6 repeating keyframed moves of the head. The 6 moves were made by an animator prior to the show.

Each fetched move is two channels, one for rotating the head in X, the other in Y, and each move is about 120 frames (4 seconds long), and are streched in time to match every 4th beat of music.

But in the blend1 CHOP, they are being blended in combinations based on what the player is doing, so you make only fetch1 and fetch2 blended.

The fetchscene CHOP gets the scene number, which is the section of one musical piece that we are currently in, and is a number from 0 to 7. It is send by MIDI from the Experience Jockey's console. The switchscene picks and outputs only one of its inputs, based on the calue of fetchscene.

The CHOPs called "minimal" and so on are preset weights of the 6 keyframed moves. So for the minimal scene, it may take 50% of fetch4 and 20% of fetch5.

"fetchtires" gets the rotation of 2 tires, each value going from 0 to 1. The blending values from the 2 tires are mixed with the blending values of the per-scene presets. The channels are trimmed to be one frame long, and they are used as the blending values for the 6 repeating keyframed moves.