Break Light Beams to Move Between 4 Camera Positions

Using this technique, you hit one button, the camera makes a smooth transition to a new position, hit another and it makes a transition to another camera position. Similarly, in the IDC, you were breaking light beams.

camA contains 6 channels
representing simply one
camera position. camB and
camC contain other camera

A camera position includes
its XYZ position, its 3
rotation angles and a lens
zoom factor.

Three ON-OFF channels
are coming from
keyboardABC, through
logicABC and lag. They are
used by the blendABC
CHOP to blend the 3
camera poses in camA,
camB and camC.

Here is the effect of the logicABC CHOP and the lag CHOP.

The logicABC CHOP acts like a set of radio buttons where always one channel is ON (1) and all othes are OFF (0). Every time you hit another button, it stays ON and the rest are turned OFF. These are the upper 3 channels in the graph.

The 4 light beams at IDC worked in this way. Then the lag CHOP makes the transition go smoothly from one state (camera position) to another. These are the lower 3 channels.