At the first committee meeting of the SIGGRAPH 98 Interactive Dance Club, chair Ryan Ulyate of Synesthesia entertained and inspired the committe as he came down from his Topanga (California) mountain top and delivered the Ten Commandments of IDC. What follows is a paraphrase as one would be struck by lightning if to reproduce the original utterances:

1. Input devices, visuals and sound shall encourage movement.

2. Actions and responses shall be repeatable. I do this, it does that.

3. Immediate and positive response shall be given to all actions.

4. No prior expertise shall be needed to play.

5. No instructions shall be needed.

6. No thinking shall be allowed.

7. Actions shall get an aesthetically coherent response.

8. It shall be simple, entertaining and fun, like Pong.

9. Responsiveness shall be more important than resolution or photorealism.

10. We shall think modular and reuse / re-adapt 3D models and animation.