Walt Brantford
Chairman, Siggraph 98
Thanks to the real champion of IDC, who had the faith in backing this crazy idea from Ryan.
Tom Reicke
Committee, Siggraph 98
Thanks for supporting and guiding the IDC team.
Jeff Benrey
Marketing, Silicon Graphics
Thanks for the generous loan of the 6 OCTANES for IDC.
Dave Marcus
Trade Shows, Silicon Graphics
Thanks for the great support you and your team gave us on the floor at IDC.

Stephen Price
Splat TV

A special thanks to Splat TV for allowing the use of stills from their television coverage of the IDC event. Splat TV is a weekly show on unusual forms of animation created around the world. The episode on the Interactive Dance Club was 3rd of the Fall 98 series, is broadcast on Teletoons in Canada, and is syndicated around the world.

Scott Petill Those crazy home-made Orbs. And the 13 inch Spinal Tap-style prototype.
Kim Plate Hey, can you send my Rollerblades down by FedEx, like, right now?