Ryan Ulyate Interactive Dance Club Chair, Interactive music production. Synesthesia
Dave Bianciardi System design. Synesthesia
Judith Crow Computer graphics supervisor. Digital Domain
Greg Hermanovic Animation software, training, production. Side Effects Software,
El Kabong
Peter Wyngaard Interface coordination and integration. InterConnect of Ann Arbor
Christien Methot Technical direction, lighting design. design one corporation
Kristen Stratton Project coordination. Warner Bros. Television
Dan Comins Hardware integration supervisor, custom hardware. Interactive Technologies
Michael Moorhead Hardware integration. Interactive Technologies
Paul Simpson Animation. Realise Studios
Tim Z. Falconer Video systems designer. Digital Domain
C.J. Flynn Project manager. Ops Center Technologies
Mike McLean Video display system designer. Hoffman Video Systems

Rob Bairos animation software enhancements Side Effects Software
Scott Petill the orbs, animation Meld Space
Alan Kapler animation Digital Domain
Franklin Londin animation Digital Domain
Matthew Butler animation Digital Domain
John Courte animation Digital Domain
Rodney McFall animation Digital Domain
Derek Marshall system administration Monster by Mistake
Jarrett Smith animation, CG software support Side Effects Software
Martha Mack textures and backgrounds Digital Domain
Kevin Mack animation Digital Domain
Chris Subagio animation Full Sail
Dave Marcus & co graphics hardware integration Silicon Graphics
Stewart Gordon animation Realise Studios
Jeff Bastedo animation Loop Animation
Shannan Burkley backgrounds Digital Domain
Carol Hunt texture maps  
Morris May animation Cinetropolis
Hannah Walker animation Realise Studios

DJ De-koZe from Saskachewan, Canada


Daniel Coleman

Kai Jakoma

Jerrold Launer

Marc Mann


George Doering

Brice Martin

Joel Peskin