The music was composed of 12 separate tracks. 3 were rhythm parts and glue the whole sound mix together. 6 were sounds controlled by the players in the 6 graphics/sound zones. 2 were generated by breaking the beams in the "gogo cages", and 1 was generated by breaking light beams crossing the dance floor.

Each player heard the sounds generated in his/her own zone on local audio speakers. But all the sounds were going into the main mixing board and the EJ blended all the audio tracks depending on "aesthetic" combinations of sound.

Each music piece each night was a complete new remix of the 12 parts. The EJ was dropping out parts of the rhythm track and bringing in different combinations of instruments. The EJ was selecting which of the sections of the music piece to play next, and remained in a section while players explored the sounds and visuals of that section.

Each music section in each zone had different treatments of the sound in each zone.

A track in the Reach Zone which had 4 pads you strike, had different musical chords to choose from, some sections had different bongo riffs which got more complex when the frenzy or fill parts were entered. It also selected different visual patterns.  
The players in the GoGo Cages were changing the lower and upper notes of a rising and falling note sequence. In the Tire-o-Mania zone, a car tire was turned, filtering effects changed on the 3 rhythms tracks. The car tires affected the speeds of paint-smearing effects.